Frequently Asked Questions

A phone unlocking is simply a way to make your smartphone accepting all the carriers(networks from the globe) at any place in the world with no restrictions and no chance of getting re-lock. After unlocking, the phone is not restricted to the carrier earlier issued with on a contract.

We have a lifetime warranty for re locking of the smartphone, in case the phone gets re lock we will unlock it again without any fee charged. However, on those services where it is specifically mentions "No refund if re-lock", we will not refund neither re unlock. In case, if the phone gets re lock and service is not available of that particular phone we will refund the complete amount.

No we do not support all the networks, we have specifically mentioned networks we support. However, almost every country is on our list and almost every service we are supporting.

The time is provided to us by our supplier. The supplier normally takes bulk codes and then process it, after completing all, the codes are forwarded to us and in return we deliver to our clients. The whole of this process normally takes hours and business days. However, in some services we also have instant code delivery, which is why the code of that particular product is already available in the database and supplier simply finds it and forward us back.

No, OEM software / OS updates should not lock the phone. However, in the event that the phone does lock again, the customer can reuse the original lock code already purchased to unlock the phone. Case is different for iPhones, but we do warranty for life time unlock for every device unlocked at Megagsmunlock, as mentioned earlier, no warranty where it specifically states for no refund if re lock.

We would appreciate your concerns regarding any help you need, any fix you require. We can help you go through the complete Client panel along with the details, in the event not understanding any thing, just mail us or skype us. We will respond you fast and make you feel easy.

No, there is no expiry of unlock codes we supply.

If the phone goes into a warranty and the board needs a replacement, the new board you receive will have different IMEI number. Therefore you will require a new unlock code for that phone which you will have to pay in return.

A Hard Lock is a permanent carrier lock. Your phone will become hard locked by attempting to enter an incorrect SIM unlock code more times than your phone allows, permanently locking the phone to the current carrier. Each phone has different limits regarding unsuccessful attempts before the device becomes hard locked. The usual amount for HTC, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung is 5 attempts, usual amount for LG and Blackberry is 10 attempts. The messages below are examples of what a Hard Locked phone will display. - BlackBerry : (0 Left) Code Error, Please Wait ... - Huawei : SIMLOCK block unlock reset KEY SIM network subnet unlock PIN - HTC : You have tried 5 times, please wait for timeout ... - LG : Unlock Attempt: 10 of 10 - Motorola : Contact Service Contact Service Provider Number of Attempts Remaining: 0 Tamper Alter Wait before Enter Special Code - Nokia : Cannot Undo Restriction Not Allowed This phone only accepts SIMs from specific networks, and has been blocked. - Pantech : Contact your customer service center for the unblock code. - Samsung : Phone Freeze